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History of 40winkz

Who we are and what we do.

Our health and the planet’s well-being are connected through the ingredients we use to make furniture and mattresses that end up in the homes of American families. Ingredients in the furniture in your home should be as natural as possible. That means they are grown in a way that sustains the natural resources everyone depends on. All furnishings in our homes should support our health and well being. Promoting a happy family subconsciously begins with families living together in a healthy environment.

Farm to Bedroom

Making the perfect healthy mattress begins with local harvesting of organic natural ingredients in a way where they naturally processed without the use of chemicals. This means that these ingredients start by being grown under organic farming initiatives with the use of sustainable agriculture. These ingredients are then brought to our manufacturing plant in San Francisco, California.

We then manufacture all our products using these ingredients:

40winkz diverse line of mattresses are organized in a way to highlight the specific ingredient used:

Besides these mattress categories 40winkz showcases another mattress category

Chemical Free Mattresses

Chemical Free Mattresses are labeled as such because they are designed in a way to alleviate the use of fire retardants that would typically be mandatory by California State Law. By designing mattresses with a wool barrier as the outer layer allows these mattresses to pass all California State Law flame requirements without the use of fire retardants. To learn more about this process click here: Chemical Free Mattresses.

One last process 40winkz specializes in is Sleep Technology. 40winkz not only wants to provide their customers with most healthy eco-friendly products they also want to provide them with the best sleep and relaxation experience offered on the market today. With that being said 40winkz goes out of their way to test and experiment with modern sleep technology. One of the brands they have teamed up with in promotion of that endeavor is Celliant.

Quote From Celliant's Website

Decades of development by leading experts in medicine, physics and biology, as well as a dedicated Scientific Advisory Board, has resulted in a proprietary fiber that is loaded with a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals. Powered by our own metabolism, it is more hybrid engine than textile. It recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—infrared energy.

- Celliant

These Eco-Friendly mattresses are then made available for sale on the 40winkz.com website. They are also available at thefutonshop.com and at The Futon Shop's 11 California Locations.

Explore the natural wonder of sustainable ingredients and create your own Custom Mattress or Custom Cushion. Because 40winkz manufactures all their mattresses at their manufacturing plant in San Francisco, they can make any mattress or cushion custom on the spot to the customers specifications. Click here to learn more about Custom Mattresses.

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